At REY SILO, we engage in significant collaboration with other producers who share our values, as they are the best companions for our cheeses.

Asturias is defined by its cheeses and ciders, so we couldn't find better companions for REY SILO BLANCO and ROJO than the ciders from Llagar EL GOBERNADOR. Our REY SILO BLANCO is inspired by the cheeses that accompanied the "espichas" at the legendary cider house El Infierno in the village of Grao—mature, dense cheeses that "afogaban el pitu" (drowned the throat).

Therefore, what better way to enjoy our troncocónicos cheeses than with the natural ciders from EL GOBERNADOR, SOPEÑA, or ESPAÑAR, or with their brut nature cider EMILIO MARTINEZ (EM).

For AZUL MAMÁ MARISA and ASTURBLUE, undoubtedly, a glass of single-variety ice cider HIBERNIS is an extraordinary accompaniment. Another excellent option is the ice cider 20 MANZANAS from Llagar VALVERÁN.

As an alternative to ciders, we also propose as perfect accompaniments for our cheeses the cavas from MESTRES, especially the VISOl and CLOS NOSTRE SENYOR, while for AZUL MAMÁ MARISA, pairing it with MAS VIA cava is ideal.

And if the goal is to conclude a tasting more emphatically, our Blue cheeses can be paired with the cider brandies from CASERIA SAN JUAN DEL OBISPO, both their fresh L’ALQUITARA DEL OBISPO brandy and the oak-aged SALVADOR DEL OBISPO.

Other alternatives to accompany our cheeses can be the various craft beers currently produced in Asturias, the wines from CANGAS DE NARCEA, or the different wines from the JEREZ DOP.


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