Grass is the favorite food of cows. It's fortunate that grass grows so well in the lush meadows of Asturias. The easiest way to harvest grass is to let the cows eat it themselves while grazing. That way, they get all the goodness in every bite, all those delicious volatile aromas you can smell when you cut the green grass. Then, those volatiles pass into the milk, and then into the cheese, giving it the glorious aroma that can be described as "breath of paradise": warm, animal, a green scent.

Asturias produces the best cow's milk, and at REY SILO Cheese Factory, we have chosen the highest quality milk to make our various cheeses. Taking advantage of the best upland pastures in that part of western Asturias, our farmers pamper their cows to produce milk of extraordinary quality.

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Plan Internacional 2023 de Quesos Rey Silo